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The Typical Middle-class Indian

“Indian women Are Never Taught To Be Alone, and that’s A Problem” – Kavitha Rao As a routine, I log into Facebook the other day and the first update read the above-mentioned title. Since it portrayed the Indian women, feminist as I am, was compelled to read. The piece went about stating how Indian women…… Continue reading The Typical Middle-class Indian


Expandable Thinking BOX

(Somewhere in Mudhol) He said he wanted to own a gas station. Now, he owns one. (Somewhere in Pune) She took a break of 6 months from studies to stay back in India so that she can learn kick boxing, taekwondo, dance, and other things which she wanted to. (Somewhere in Bangalore) Together, they had dreamt of becoming entrepreneurs; thereby selling homemade chocolates they themselves…… Continue reading Expandable Thinking BOX