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The Typical Middle-class Indian

“Indian women Are Never Taught To Be Alone, and that’s A Problem” – Kavitha Rao As a routine, I log into Facebook the other day and the first update read the above-mentioned title. Since it portrayed the Indian women, feminist as I am, was compelled to read. The piece went about stating how Indian women…… Continue reading The Typical Middle-class Indian

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The Cat to Restore the Faith!

An incident in our life. Here is something my close friend experienced, really felt I should share, to restore faith in humanity especially when it comes to callousness towards animals! Opportunities don’t just come knocking on the door, they say. But how could they, if I am never at home. 😛 Well, I am typical bachelor who spends…… Continue reading The Cat to Restore the Faith!

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Make In India – 1 Unread Message

We the people of India First reaction-Isn’t it supposed to be the United States. I ask them why. Unity or patriotism is not the thing to be defined in the constitution of a nation. USA – WhatsApp China – WeChat Japan – Line Indonesia – Blackberry Messenger India – Any app but predominantly WhatsApp Does any…… Continue reading Make In India – 1 Unread Message

Travel Note

Travel Note – The New Palace, Kolhapur

Year – 2015 Month – May Place – Kolhapur Destination- Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaja Palace (New Palace) Travel – by Road/ by Railways Why Kolhapur? Many might wonder. Sometimes not all of your trips turn out to be best ones, with things worth sharing as an intention of making people visit it. Sometimes you just feel…… Continue reading Travel Note – The New Palace, Kolhapur

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Rivers talking: Disposal at its Best

Beautiful. Let’s ignore the road. Unfortunately, it’s the hyacinth bed. Every year the river arranges the water hyacinth in it’s best possible to way to make it worth more than a glance. No matter how bad the condition of river is, it makes us want to imagine its hyacinth as a beautiful grass carpet, neatly…… Continue reading Rivers talking: Disposal at its Best