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Humans OR Dancers?

Have you ever listened to the track “Human”? If you try to google the track, the first result you see would read like this “Human (The Killers song) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”. Interesting, eh? What seems fun? Is it the Well-choreographed style of dance OR random, incautious style of dance? Undoubtedly, most of us…… Continue reading Humans OR Dancers?


WhatsApp – A Way to an Infinite Thinking Process!

Something I came across a few days back – an article in The Times of India titled, “9 Ways in Which WhatsApp Ruined Us”, made me pen down my complete thinking process here. In today’s world everything has just become “OnClick”, and WhatsApp being the strongest medium to make friends and pass time “OnClick”. Larger…… Continue reading WhatsApp – A Way to an Infinite Thinking Process!