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PILF, Anupam Kher and India

“Nothing is all wrong. Even a clock that has stopped running is correct twice a day.” The statement oozes with positivity and instills a sense of confidence even when everything around you seems to be tumbling. The incidence of JNU, anti-national slogans being propagated throughout the country, controversy related to whether or not one should…… Continue reading PILF, Anupam Kher and India

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The Typical Middle-class Indian

“Indian women Are Never Taught To Be Alone, and that’s A Problem” – Kavitha Rao As a routine, I log into Facebook the other day and the first update read the above-mentioned title. Since it portrayed the Indian women, feminist as I am, was compelled to read. The piece went about stating how Indian women…… Continue reading The Typical Middle-class Indian

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Make In India – 1 Unread Message

We the people of India First reaction-Isn’t it supposed to be the United States. I ask them why. Unity or patriotism is not the thing to be defined in the constitution of a nation. USA – WhatsApp China – WeChat Japan – Line Indonesia – Blackberry Messenger India – Any app but predominantly WhatsApp Does any…… Continue reading Make In India – 1 Unread Message