Feeling Beautiful

The Christmas Eve

It was so good to see the kids meet-up, after the pandemic. This was our first event post-Covid, and I am purposefully ignoring the omicron, hoping it wouldn’t surge and all the kids are once again free to do what most interests them!

So…about last night! We rolled with laughter and glee along with the kids yesterday along with few activities!

What we did –
We helped them understand the process of scientifically potting the seeds, taking care of them through the germination phase and also re-pot them for further growth. It was The Rosemary Potting. They could easily relate with rosemary on pizzas and pastas when we showed them the dried herb.

They were excited to understand the phenomenon with special Christmas plants like Poinsettia, Anthurium and Tricolour Stromanthe . We called them Magic plants for simplicity 🙂

We also indulged in making easy-to-make Sandwiches today in the shape of a Christmas trees and ate them along with home made Christmas Treats!

What is time well spent if not for the mischief! The Floss dance and dance and freeze.

The main motto of this experience session was to dedicate one evening to an engagement with a non stereotype way of learning and inculcating the stereotyped habit or a hobby. 

Most of the good habits are covered at school or at homes, but here, through these 2 hours we tried a unique combination of unrelated activities which involved something tangible and intangible that the kids could take home.

We loved what we did and would be conducting a similar social soon, just simple but interesting. We would look forward to you having our backs!

Here’s a quick peak at what the couple of hours looked like today –

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