A Dog Therapy

20 hours, 9 dogs, acres of highly nature friendly camp and me. One hell of a weekend in years together. I really do not wish to tweak even a second out of those 20 hours.

If you can’t own and love a dog of your own, love and own others dogs!

I remember years back, my best friend and I walked down the relatively empty streets of our neighbourhood patting and feeding and racing and chasing the street dogs. Oh! I really miss those days. I remember treating myself off to something really blissful, unknowingly, with their love and care.

Many dogs happened over time, I loved them and moved on. But that day was different. An unforgettable day filled with undaunted love and affection that pumped the entire campsite. Or was it just me? Was I in a desperate need to experience this emotion, that missed because of innumerable reasons?

Well… this is what happened!

It was only a few days before that a friend who caters camp groups at his own campsite by the lake, asked if we want join them for a DOG CAMP. I repeated the words in my mind. A-DOG-CAMP! And my excitement never subsided till my eyes believed the visual treat the campsite offered me moments after getting down from the car. And there I was standing awe-struck for a minute or two to decipher all that my eyes offered to my brain. It seemed to take a lot of time to process. The moment seemed long yet merry.

They managed to gain the love of those who were never seen around this lovable species.

Although all were from healthy and well-fed families, they knew no such categories. They were so much like the dogs I walked with on the streets back in school times. One of the few memories that are now etched, of my school days. And so strong are the vibes!

Every dog there was happy, playful and a wonderful explorer! And their owners as peppy as their pets! It felt as though I lived in an entirely different world altogether for those few hours. Selfless love at its epitome.

My heart literally throbbed when full grown yet little short for its size, beagle chose my lap to doze off and snore after a slight playful mishap it had with a Labrador!

Full of enthusiasm they chased the ball, bathed in the backwaters, ate (specially-made-for-dogs) barbecued chicken, and poured showers of emotions on me. Once again, I felt treated. Treated to believe in purity of selfless love.

It was a pleasure watching them play in the water, then in the mud, and again water…endlessly. They sniffed the entire campsite down, and trotted every path! They looked cute, messy creatures drenched from the fun at the back waters.

All said and done, I really wish to thank those people who knowingly or unknowingly brought me there. The right place at the right time. For the first time after ages, the end of the weekend did not quite seem to be an end, and the satisfaction of the camp took us through the entire week and it continues.

The thirst and addiction of similar experience.

With this weekend, I realized it is so much essential to take up something diverse and mingle with things, human or not, which make you forget the taxing parts of your life and generate a space to accommodate those beautiful spells instead.

Inhaling the silent, yet the strong.

And so, with the hectic life we live, taking a break from the daily routine and experiencing and reliving the nature that was once untouched my humans, and now exists in bits and pieces around us, is one necessary activity. The strength I received looking into the vastness of the backwaters in the setting sun that day, still lies within me. There wasn’t a discovery of a new human being or something inside me, but the addiction towards this “pause” in the middle of the 7-day humdrum that let me experience the freedom we as individuals have, became strong. A real-life experience of a semi colon 😊

This is a picture of me with one of my favorite from the lot and an explorer to an extent that most of our time was spent searching for him! Love you Bono.

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