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Stunted Growth

Looking at my 1.6-year-old nephew, I have been learning this characteristic of human beings more often and efficiently. The more my niece tries to hug him, farther he runs. More you ask him to come close, he will go to someone else he has never gone towards, but wouldn’t come closer to you. And of course all this is commonly known as, “They do exactly the opposite of what is told”.  Reverse Psychology. That is the most important part of human psychology and we all are well versed with it.

Today when I imply that to humans, like normal sane humans, I realise it is also the same as of the children. The more you are pushed for something, the more you feel like not doing it. Especially if it’s something that does not interest you, or isn’t a part of your daily routine or something which you absolutely trying to ignore.

Let relation unfold its magic by itself. Why are most of us much closer to friends than relatives? Why is there a comfort zone with them, and sometime relatives are completely in dark? We have people around us who call up, and ask us to call “someone” for their birthday or they insist on accomplishing some task with that “someone”, or ask us to invite them for a function hosted by us!

With this principle, we might land following the 80-20 rule, where we would land up wishing the 80 “someone’s” and taking 20 our own people for granted!

My mom calls me up and asks me to do the same. But isn’t this particularly a completely “mom-daughter” business, and is not at all out for auction? Moms can do everything. Because they know everything. So, treating that as a special care, let us assume it does not intersect with any other people’s subsets.

I think, the relation grows the best when you let it carve out its own road. Involving yourself on purpose or putting efforts to make the relation work just isn’t healthy. Introducing them and giving a reference is the maximum we can do, to let the two people form a relation. It’s very simple. It comes to you naturally if it has to work out, else you don’t even have to think about it.

Imposed relations never work. They shouldn’t work.

The next time you think about wishing someone, or you are made to do things for that someone again and again, watch out! Because eventually it is your choice.

One thought on “Stunted Growth

  1. I endorse Dipika’s views. I would like to add my views too. Relations are what we are born with while friends are what we choose. The connection between two persons should ideally be from the soul and must supersede all physical and material considerations. A friend in real sense is a person who thinks and cares about you before thinking about own self. A friend is the one who accepts you as you are with all your qualities and traits and does not attempt to impose himself upon you. Such friends are rare to find but if you find one you are one of the luckiest person on earth. As far as relations are concerned you have no control over them and it’s better to be least affected by them.


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