Few Seconds Read

It is okay…

This very picture tells a lot about what I want to write!

I have seen innumerable such frames of time when the scene is just exact same. There are times rather 60% or more times when the page is left blank and I am off to sleep/work/ or some other engagement. Thoughts flow in and out of my brain with a speed which is not comparable to what I can write with.

Few thoughts just make their way onto the paper, few thoughts are so scared of getting down with the flow of ink that they never will never know what it is to be free! Few thoughts just come out with emotions! And few thoughts are just based on the kind of human being I am.

I am sure same happens with the majority of writers. What is a writer without a writer’s block?

Experiencing brain freeze for days together and sudden flow of thoughts one fine day, which may or may not be filtered is just what I can frame as a perfect balance. You cannot be productive every day every minute of your life.
Sometimes it is okay to let loose. Sometimes it is okay to be disorganised and sometimes it is definitely okay to shift+delete or shred the paper containing words which have narrated her story in India!
Increasing competitive careers is leading to loss of originality. The best and truest words, they say, come out at 3 am. That is when we are a messy hair, messy dress and messy eyes. Good things take time. Hell lot of time. Good things happen out of stupidest ideas and experiences.

Let’s not stop exploring.

While, running ahead of the clock in everyday life, stop sometimes to let the time just pass unproductive.
For best things come out when we are steady as against while you run the rat race of education, money and dissatisfied life.

It’s okay to not write and it is okay to talk insane. Promises made can be broken, words said can be taken back but the beautiful time of togetherness never comes back!
Let lose. Let be stupid. Let be life. Break free.

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