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Welcoming Early Summer

It is still February and there was an unexpected conversation with my mother yesterday. Every day we put milk for fermentation at night, so that the curd is sweet by morning, and can be put into the refrigerator to maintain the taste! Yesterday, as the routine goes, I asked her, she said let’s do it in the morning since yesterday’s curd had turned bitter by morning!
I wonder what day of the year it was! Because such comments usually mark the beginning of summers! Well ya! That was summer in February! And that’s global warming!

It is like sometimes you need a drastic life changing incident to make the necessary changes in you! May it be a good or a bad incident! But, I will prefer assuming it would be good. Like many places in South India experience rains after the temperature hits more than 32-35deg Celsius, the earth would also experience the same and not make us want to sit in the refrigerator thereby adding more to global warming! But right now this is all too important stuff, and today I am not in that phase wherein I want to think about the world like usual.

Today began the change of timetable, starting from getting up as early as 6 o’ clock in the morning, to opening all the doors to the balcony to let fresh and cooler than the day breeze flow in! It no more feels the same as wintery lazy mornings! To get up for a fresh cup of tea and experience the weather outside is always the best part of May! The food habit also changes suddenly, while we start to dump our stomachs to the fullest before the scorching sun rays enter our kitchen onto the platforms! The sun doesn’t allow you to eat much for the lunch. It is time for a glass of buttermilk and a bowl of curd every day. We tend to lunch later than usual time because we are already full with breakfast!

Our clothes also suddenly change, more of cotton pants to replace the denim and full lengths are replaced by 3/4th or halves! Of course, the entire wardrobe changes and so do our sheets and covers! More pastels and light colours are out! Every room you go there is a constant relieving sound of the fan!

❤ More than that mostly we don’t need vegetables in the kitchen! Just the “Amras” (The Mango pulp, usually eaten with chapatis, Indian staple in summers ) satiates every tongue and pacifies every hunger!!

Since the ancient Indian culture, summers are also looked forward to by people who love pickles and sundried makes of rice flour. You cannot forget the tamarinds. Even today you see terraces full with stuff put the dry in the sun. While I usually prefer to eat them when they are half dried. The rice flour makes are then eaten, either fried or roasted. ❤

People are usually home from 1pm-5pm! That is like reducing the day by 4 or more hours! Though the day is longer in summers it for sure isn’t a compensation for any kind of a workaholic!

All this is temporary, for one day the rains would just make us heave a sigh of relief, where there is very romantic and cheery aroma of soil! The freshness of leaves and the happy face getting drenched in the trailer given by the rains is all worth the summer heat!

But all this is too good to hear for the month of May! Imagine experiencing that in the month of February! We are heading towards massive changes in the climatic conditions, thinking and hoping the others would do something, while secretly cursing ourselves for not able to be strong enough to stop it all in a day! Nothing can happen in a day, good things take time!

Signing off PUC certificates only when the values are permissible, planting and maintaining one tree with every good news you get, and stopping the rivers from getting all the manmade garbage, can help us keep at least our plates cleans!

Image result for summer rains

Who knows one day India would go back to being what it was in the 1970’s, in its analysis on increasing pollutions!


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