Republic Day taken Personally

End of December came the corporate leave calendar to my inbox. The first thing I noticed was a long weekend of Indian Republic Day on 26th January, if I put Friday, a leave. Yaaay! It is always fun to use those connected leaves to travel and enjoy staying at home for lazy bones like me. As far as Republic Day was concerned, the only thing most of the people do is watch the early morning parade at the India Gate, Delhi.

While I have been following this routine with my family for years now, there hasn’t been a single day without a thought about my country till today. There is nothing much we can do together nowadays because when you talk about improving your country most of them will throw the concept of Global Citizenship at your face, about which half of them are not even aware. While few say, who cares, we haven’t taken the responsibility on our shoulder to make our country what it deserves to be, some believe that they alone cannot change anything for the nation, and some show sheer ignorance. To add on, as the corporate culture increases day by day, with no scarcity of money whatsoever, fewer effort activities engaging and portraying patriotism still continue, and is now a cliché. Dressing up with tricolours, activities involving quizzes about the heroes and the history of the nation, tricolour balloons are few of the activities which involve no effort are the major factors of celebration and enjoyment of such days. Well, corporate culture. Of course, as we believe that we are stepping towards progress, there are few corporates which conduct CSR related activities on that day thereby contributing towards the betterment of Indians from their side. Still proud to talk about them 🙂

There was an audio circulating over WhatsApp, it was a man speaking to the travel agent about his visit to the USA and comparing what we did over the years to what the USA has done over the years. Usually, we ignore such forwards on WhatsApp but this one caught my attention. It is not good to compare any two states but I felt shameful when I heard it.

The point is, we still haven’t found ourselves the right time and right place together for doing things. Our country needs our attention, and it needs us to put the effort from our side. You are patriotic and love your nation if you get goosebumps listening to the National Anthem. Few people feel a chill down the spine. In a few cities, the City Pride Cinemas maintain this practice, of playing the Anthem before any movie starts. Reason – I don’t know. Result – It’s restricted to cinema halls.  Of course again, like I said before, there are exceptions who use that moment of goosebumps to boost their actions towards the advancement of the nation.

These days’ individualism and the need for individual freedom is so pumped up, that choosing what is right or what is wrong is difficult and perspective based. Choosing sides is completely a personal choice, but there are people who manage to be at best of both sides. It is mostly because of these people that our nation still runs the race of being called the “developed nation.”

We have learned all these concepts in school, and the worst of the kids will be able to tell you what they mean, for e.g., illiteracy, unemployment, urban-rural gap, poverty on one side and ignorance, condescension, and power on the other side. They are all together and contribute to the vicious circle which we don’t want to go into.

But, I am sure we have the sanity to decide whether we need to crib about India not progressing or taking control and making a change.

This is a reality. I have segregated three types of people, in my article (Lok-manya?). There are people who look at such days since we have just celebrated 26th January, otherwise “being there for the nation” as a reason to celebrate and it is just about that day or a particular time frame. They will carry flags, wrap them around and seek attention by riding on the roads, screaming slogans. There are people who invest a lot on decorations, cut cakes, arrange huge entertainment events.

Then there is the second type who believe the corporate culture is spoiling the essence and sanity of our auspicious days, for which lakhs and crores of people lost their lives and feel it’s becoming a sheer nonsense.

Then there comes the third, you will not know what they did for the society, for the nation, who will not come and tell you, they will not boast, yet they are the ones maintaining balance. They believe in freedom and individualism, they believe that there is a need to celebrate, every day, whether its 26th January, 15th August or individual birthdays and they are once who propagate fraternity and the love for India.

In today’s free India, what you do is completely your choice, no one can be compelled to do something.

Every person has a small kid left in them no matter how much he/she grows. That kid in me keeps asking, why is it that not everyone thinks alike about India? Why do we not understand it is good to keep country before us? But simultaneously it keeps saying what about Individualism then?? and Global citizenship!!??? Well. There again begins the war in my own head. This is the time I probably switch to food or sleep.

Personally, I feel doing right things at the right place is the catalyst.

And as we progress, we also need to unhook the anchors wisely.


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