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New Year Resolutions

I know I have been surprisingly away from here for more than just the usual!

From controversial Trump becoming the 45th president of USA to Modi’s surgical attack followed by ground breaking demonetisation move, the turnaround from back to back series loss against England to the record breaking year celebrated by the 4-0 win over England, the year 2016 has sprung in a lot of surprises.

Anything good turns out to be special only when something happens which you are part of. Year 2016 for me was a mix bag of fortunes. From me finally taking significant steps towards realising my dream of breaking the shackles of my corporate career to losing two most significant people in my life, this year has been quite moving!

What’s done is done, and like every Radio Jockey beams on air, let us welcome the New Year 2017 with a BANG! Let’s see if we can hang in there, no matter what lies in there! Bang on!

Every one as a child makes new year resolutions, we all still do! Not only do we make new year resolutions, we also have live up to our ritual of laughing at them by the end or mid-January as to how unrealistic they are to you right now. Eventually getting back in the realm, rather niche. We know this trend and have accepted it as the way of life now, to an extent that, people like me have given up on making those overwhelming promises!

Going to the gym, writing frequently, eating less potato, less of futile thinking, keeping in touch with people, were a few of my favourite resolutions!

Bigger fish are yet to be caught, frying them is still a long way to go. Don’t we still feel we haven’t grown up to be adults or maybe we don’t want to altogether. “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!”, when I came across this quote few years back, I realised we have an option to follow it.

Coming back to new year resolutions, I feel I have achieved a breakthrough. People might already be following it, or few may feel its bullshit too. It is a method to stay up with them and successfully incorporate them in our lives. The 21-day theory that people learn in Psychology. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. With this analysis, I had 2017 resolution started to take course in 2016 December, exactly 21 days before the New Year’s Eve. Trust me I was so confident of the success, that my resolutions changed drastically. I mean who doesn’t eat POTATO?? Or who reduces POTATO in diet??? It was rightfully chucked.

Going by the entrepreneurship terms, the chances of being successful are more when you do not have a PLAN B, to fill in the PLAN A at its failure.

Make one goal at a time!

It’s just a piece of my mind and experience I thought I should share. The article runs 21 days late already, but better late than never.

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Have a beautiful 2017 ahead! May this year give you the best of your new year resolutions 🙂


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