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Brightest Stars in the Sky

The silence had no emotion. There was no nature around. The only sound heard was of the ceiling fan running at its topmost speed cutting the air harshly and the water dripping down the artificial stone into the tortoise pond. T.V was entertaining my eyes without a slightest trigger running to the brain. It was muted.

My heart raced as I looked at his photo, newly framed, that glowed in this rather gloomy blue light on the table. It felt blue. It was hazy, but it clearly gave out his handsome and young self. After every few minutes my eyes involuntarily looked towards the partition door, hoping he might just come out walking, beaming and happy!

My eyes were dying to see him and my ears were dying to hear his voice, and my soul was demanding the aura of him that I had never experienced in this new house of his.

Like many of us proudly talk of our grandparents, of their black and white days, and how they have climbed up the hill, running against all odds that might have tried to hamper them, I too wish to pour a hundred thousand words for them, of them, by which the entire world might know that they were the brightest starts on earth and are shining the brightest in heaven right now!

It is rare how two people begin their journey on earth as soulmates, and get to do the same in their after life too in heaven, that to on such a short notice?? So much love; even third world had issues keeping them on different planets.

Now, they are stars. Shining. Together.

The couple has always been the most vibrant one in the family. My fascination for them never knew bounds for, learning the computers, touch phones and travelling international in their golden age was enough to call it a life!
I remember the small bits of paper she had preserved, they were the letters she has received, words she had heard and wanted us to know, and things that would enlighten our lives were scribbled on them. They were now yellow as they aged. She made the most insignificant thing the most significant in a beautiful way.

Her vocal cord, the way her hands moved along the chords of the harmonium effortlessly creating magic and her geography was one of the best among the people I have known.
He always had new stories to tell for his life was it itself one of its kind. A story, full of efforts, work, thrill and eventually peaceful happiness!!

Discipline was their way of life.

Of course their chemistry, their love and respect for each other was felt even if you had met either of them.

Love was what they were made of.

Lucky were the people who made the best of their presence, ignoring the disabilities that came with age šŸ™‚ Lucky were the people who could understand their love and luckiest were the people who were loved by this beautiful couple.

“Aba, Aji..
May your souls rest, love and shine – for we are looking at you up there, every night” ā¤


One thought on “Brightest Stars in the Sky

  1. In spite of very short meetings with either of them its not possible for me to ever forget those moments they spend in discussions with me. Great couple they were. May God rest departed souls in peace at heaven together .

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