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The Last Week…


Everything comes to an end, no matter good or bad. With the increasing domination of private sector in the job market, resignations are a thing of routine now. More often, resignations are associated with happy feelings. A feeling of liberation, a breath of fresh air, a feeling that you are leaving an anchor and moving forward, only to realize you are will soon be held by another. Nonetheless, the feeling is superb. For all you know, who doesn’t like something new. All this is work though, no strings attached.

I am more of a rookie with these experiences. With my years of experience, I got to experience this feeling once. For me resignation opened diverse feelings in my previous company. It was like everything had to happen in that particular week…The Last Week… quarterly picnic on a week day was like breaking the stereotypes, my last week also happened to collide with the company’s “Thank You week” celebration. An online portal was presented so that you can message people or receive messages personally. There were photo booths to click pictures with friends, what else can you expect during your Last Week.

Since then the time has passed by and exactly 21 months later began the scary count down. Once again, it was The Last week. “His Last Week”. Just an example of how a same thing can bring about extremely different feelings.

I wanted to write, I wanted to put all my beautiful memories on paper for him. I even sat down with a pen and a paper. I waited till the words wrote themselves down onto the paper. But the wait didn’t end till 2 days before I started writing this piece.

Two things always happen together, I’m a strong believer of this thought. I am happy about his resignation and equally and secretly sad for there wouldn’t be him around anymore. Initially I used to wonder how someone’s presence can affect you so much, but today I know, I very well know, it’s not just an effect but it’s the entire driving force. Some places you tend to visit only because it’s made special by someone’s mere presence. He is the reason why I am there. He is the reason why I enjoy coffee there. He is the reason why I started enjoying my lunch, my breakfast and even my work eventually.

Time flies by and it actually has. I never realized when it got to 21 months from the first day we met at the Ice cream parlor. So many things have changed since then. Even our relationship. It’s become stronger and better. I would have never imagined my today and those past so many months without him at my workplace. But things change and I am eagerly looking forward to what life has for us in there!

I remember the Table-Tennis hours, the chai at tapri, the coincidence of getting more work load when we wanted to go home early, and the rides back from office. There have been innumerable ones, but suddenly I realize today, l there are only 4 more to go!

Every day routine and comfort zone is now set to be broken.

All seasons and twice is just more than required to make memories! Rains in the rain-wear which hardly shields your body, steaming cup of coffee or tea! Winters are unforgettable, the fights we had for feeling cold and not feeling cold, for having insufficient warm clothing! And summers for amras (mango pulp) in the tiffin to how he fumed because of the temperature rise outside! I remember all those awesome lunches we had where we sneaked out of the office. We thought people never noticed till we realized we never cared what anyone thought about us!

The taunts from a few were indeed a thread binding us together, the annual gathering we had, and I can never forget his voice which still plays in my head!

Everything said and done, I cannot put my feelings on this paper, since it would not understand the intensity!

The day he resigned, we told each other we still have 3 months to go but honestly this is the time I have realized that time doesn’t fly by instead it vaporizes right in front of you like a drop of gasoline, well within a blink of an eye. From 21 months to 3 months to now the last week, it’s just been a journey I will cherish.  Come next week it doesn’t matter how many times we meet each other after office or also addressing the fact that we are engaged, still it is a change hard to accept that he wouldn’t be around.

I might say that I have always enjoyed having coffee alone and to have that me time but some habits you change feel good and are difficult to revert. It seems the entire world around me is going to change yet I would have him around once I knock back on the door few days later.

For all that has been and for all that is yet to come.

It is The Last Week and this is how I feel. ❤


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