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It Is All About YOU..

Write it anyway

There is something called accident and then there is something called happy accident. One such happy accident occurred when my finger accidentally clicked an App, and the first thing I noticed on it read “Write it anyway”, by Coffeelicious.

It took me a minute to decipher which window I was in, clearly stating the obvious thing that I haven’t been on “Medium”, since a while now. A sudden feeling of the need to write for survival creeped in. Suddenly, a day which had left me cursing till then turned out to be one of the days which makes me write and connect with people through my thoughts in the form of articles. I felt the need to be me, and just be with me and not let anyone interfere the peace zone I was about to enter.

So, here is why my day had been so as I described earlier. I work at a corporate office, as if that isn’t bad enough, I managed to keep my energy levels up and feel happy to be at work after a long weekend. But then not always is it that you decide how your hour of the day would be. Something exactly similar happened. Ghosts of the recent past came haunting. I was called in for an early meeting by my superiors. Yes, we end up saying things which we don’t mean to but it is just out of practice 😛

I guess that is sufficient enough data to prove how good my day had been till then. With no real hopes whatsoever I just came back to my desk, definitely a little upset, a little angered and definitely with my rebel mode switched on and then I remembered something which not only made me feel a little better but also made me smile!

It was only yesterday that a friend of mine stated something based on his experience out of a relationship, “Never date a writer. And if you date one, see to it that you marry her”. Makes complete sense, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t then think over it till it does

Words when put together are so powerful that it can uproot the entire system, and Twitter is a live example of why I believe what I believe.

Coming back to where it all started from, “Write it anyway” said, you should write (for the writers and the non-writers) whenever possible and whatever comes to your mind, when you feel like writing. It doesn’t matter if it is stale, it doesn’t matter if someone has already written about it. Like you, your writing will always be unique, unless you plan to copy every word

“Medium” articles usually give you the energy you just need. It made me realize no matter what – you got to do, what you want to do. By this, let’s not get into what is legitimate and what is not. We are all sane enough to understand that and I wouldn’t want to comment about those who try to find legitimacy in the face of illicitness.

I have mentioned in many of my previous articles about how Indian society is plagued with the statement “What will people think.” Falling prey to this, and my firsthand experience still helps me write how not to think about people who hardly matter. But I definitely carry a mirror to look into and know what is right or wrong unlike few 😛

You feel bad, you feel hurt, you feel lost or you feel drifted, just go and do it! Strive towards what you want to do. After all what you do is important to people around you and you yourself. It is okay sometimes to let loose, to break the signals, to not wear formals, to not be on time, and to take a day out for yourself. (As long as you know where you have drawn that line for yourself) With the rise in people working for corporate, in our hectic schedules we definitely have words for the Europeans and the Americans that they exploit all our resources mainly the time, but do we ever realize that it’s not the same with them. As a matter of fact, they weigh family and personal life much more than their professional life.

Sometimes amidst all the deliveries, proving yourself and running around the clock just not to miss the trains, try to sit back and relax, try to engage yourself in a conversation with the best person in your life, YOU.

Ask the “YOU” what it wants and how badly. Ask if it wants to find itself or run behind people to find itself!

For once, forget what people have to say about you, and exploit yourself to the fullest. After all, beyond the family and friends, all that matters is only about YOU!

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