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Humans OR Dancers?

Have you ever listened to the track “Human”?

If you try to google the track, the first result you see would read like this “Human (The Killers song) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”. Interesting, eh?

What seems fun? Is it the Well-choreographed style of dance OR random, incautious style of dance?

Undoubtedly, most of us would vote for the latter one if we were the ones to perform, unless we are trained dancers. Be it anything, as long as we have the strings in our hands, we enjoy it. I personally love to dance, swim, play, write and do many things. How far is it possible though?

Began my tussle when I landed into a situation of choosing between my dance training and meeting deadlines at the office. It started from the very second session. I felt as if I was the girl walking on the rope, like as they demonstrate in the street shows. Only difference, I walk Untrained! As scary as it is to picture, I felt these sorts of emotions for almost a month and a half until I decided to a call a day on my dance training and leave it for a day in future. The girl performing does not enjoy risking her life but she does it for the sake of something. We all dance to the tunes of someone or something called fate, for most part of our live. It is always a choice to look at what we let go with a feeling of sadness or joy. Again, I chose latter J

It used to be painful, challenging but once I entered the training room, it felt like as if every part of my body was unleashed, I felt alive. Those graceful movements your body makes, and the instructor always trying to get the best out of you, it is all a thing of joy. It just gets you closer to your own self. You feel elated.

You feel your own aura. You feel as if you are in complete control of life.

This one day, our instructor told us to dance as if we were to write something by assuming we have a huge black board in front of us. She divided us in smaller groups and we all started writing. It felt different. It felt nice.

Dance is a form of life. Everything we do can be rhythmic if the tunes are right.

What I did with my hands all these years suddenly my entire body was contributing to. We wrote the word “rhythm”. Apt, is it not? For a minute, you dance, and imagine how your body would move to the curves of the word! It is magical!

At first, you feel a little stiff, until you get the hang of it. No sooner will you realize, you are slipping gracefully from one letter to the other, generating a picture perfect “body-writing”, if it was written on an actual board.

Human mind has no bounds and mine proved it once again.

Can you imagine the thought, which led to me expressing all this in the form of an article? You would burst into laughter when I tell you. Moreover, I had no idea, what I was trying to tell you people. In fact, while I cross checked the lines, which I write before I publish, it took me a while before I understood the concept myself!

I was working on an intricate CAD drawing at work. Yeah, you read that right. Our mind always has certain processes running in the background unless we kill them. I felt ecstatic at that very moment, after all simple but intricate drawings on CAD just made me write this!

Sometimes, the things we dread to do lead us to do something unimaginable.

With all the competition around, with machines replacing the humans, and by large increase in automation, today humans have turned into mere robots. India, by large is treated as a cost center by many Multi Nationals. What we do here due to cheap labor is more or less work as per defined methodologies, which means there is no or very less chance of brain storming, there is no chance to look for a better methodology (your hands are tied). Conclusively, all the cells designated for creativity lie dead.

Repetitive work gets you numb and that is where my creative brain starts, only after a dose of caffeine shot! This situation would not change for a few years at least. Until then we can all just try looking at things the J. K. Rowling way and hope for it to be a reality soon.

Just imagine what if we had those huge size A0 sheets like earlier days. We would be literally dancing on them to get the views, right. I am referring to something called drafting. This is when we completely rely on the human race to get the work done.

This is how it all kick-started.
Drafting and Dance, what a tangy combination of thoughts! 😉

With all the touch screens through windows 8 technology and many tablets supporting touch for CAD software, how about having a huge screen about A0+1000 or more and we have to walk and jump and stand on the chair and make all the CAD work with our hands instead of a mouse.

Crazy as it sounds, it would lead to health plus wealth at the same time, I believe.

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