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Right Vs Left

Politically correct!
Fear of being judged!

Do these words go hand in hand? Ever experienced these feelings within a blink of an eye?

Well…Most of us have. Most of us would be relating to something which might have happened few days back or may be few moments back.

What exactly is this? Why do we find ourselves in such situations?

Ever wondered why would it be. I don’t know if you did but I definitely did. That’s the reason I am writing what I am going to write further.

Sachin or Lara? Federer or Nadal? Cristiano or Messi? SRK or Salman?

We all have been part of one or the other debates on a coffee table. And more often than not left feeling the other person was being unrealistic.

Why does this happen?

Belief is the word. We believe what we believe it is. We hold on to our beliefs.

Where does these beliefs come from?

If we go to the core of it, we discover, it is all a way of belief induced by our thoughts. What we see, what we hear, all forms an integral part of our belief system. World would have never been competitive had no one challenged the mankind.

These beliefs have differentiated the entirety into-
Leftist – Liberal
Rightist – Conservative
Centrist – Considerate

This is how I could put it best after thinking over it for days.

“Are you a Leftist or a Rightist?”, someone at the table asked me.

Welcome to corporate, I said to myself before I could think what to answer. It felt as if the person indirectly intended to say, answer or leave the table.
Fresh out of college, I didn’t know the right time or the right place to voice opinions in front of the corporate public. Unsure of what to answer, I took the seat. In no time I was sidelined, despite of being the protagonist of the situation, the discussion as to why I was questioned like that by the person in front of me, the topic on the table suddenly shifted focus and the guy got busted by people asking him not to scare me! This is how I was welcomed as a new mate at the lunch table. I felt like a celebrity already!
I knew exactly what I wanted to answer, it was unsaid and the pest didn’t desert my brain. I suddenly wanted to know how and where did this Left-Right thing began!

Began the quest –

According to the history books we read or studied in the school, Leftist are the people who want change, who wish to progress along with changing habits of the changing society and they struggle for equality. As against, rightist are the people who support the ruler, who want to be powerful and who don’t believe in changing things, they continue to live by their own values and preach the same and believe in hierarchy of birth and wealth. Then of course since there are two extremes, there has to be a point of equal force. There comes the centrist. These are usually considered as considerate or situation driven.

In many countries, Left and Right were predominantly associated with people sitting on the left of the ruler or the head at the grand dinner were those who belonged to the lower class of the society, usually standing against the Ruler or people who wanted to voice opinions about the grass-root level issues. While the people sitting to the right were the ones who believed in dividing the society into classes, aristocracy and supported the leadership, in the interest of keeping the power. However, in India, Left and right had influenced the earlier society so much, that toddlers were even restricted the usage of left hand to write or eat. People never worship god with left hand. Left hand is still treated secondary to the right.

As funny as the behavior of people with different aspects of life is, I always tend to believe India is a country of opportunists! Though people and political parties call themselves Leftist or Rightist, when it comes to power and benefits, our society has time-and-again molded itself or taken shelter to respective ones. Progress has always taken a back seat to ideologies, religions and personal benefits. As harsh as it sounds, this is how I concluded my understanding of Leftist and Rightist.

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