About People

About People : A friend from Office.

Chocolate with Vanilla is not the same as Chocolate with Mango!

You feel connected immediately with a few while with others, even after years of togetherness, you still wonder how they might feel when you tell them, “Sorry, I won’t be able to see you today or at this particular moment.”
She was not one of the latter, of course.

First impressions are not usually the ones that are imprinted and definitely not the ones we should thrive on! One such example stands out for me in particular. Something got racking my brain with a sense of happiness, this day.
Generally at work, you have the option to choose what you want to be. And off late I have preferred not to be social animal which I generally am.
She changed it.

It was just one cup of coffee that got us into talking so much that people looked at us with inquisition, and started asking, “Do you know her from somewhere earlier!” You see…Corporate gossips’. But then it was good, till she moved to another floor.

Bursting with talent, she was excellent with languages. First impression of this geeky looking girl soon turned into one of a wonderful dancer, a wanderer by self, not literally, and someone who knew that she was here to get something best not better out of her life. Her life had a meaning and then the time owed her to find that out.

Clichéd as it is, you should get married by your late 20’s. She preferred to be an exception, not that she didn’t believe in the institution of marriage.

Let me divert from here.

Does this happen to you? You learn a new word and then you find yourself coming across the same word many a times in the next few days. Earlier, you never bothered to notice it, since it didn’t concern you and now that you know it, it just catches your eye and clicks.

About people

Something similar happened to me. The other day I came across a blog where the blogger had taken the sabbatical from work to travel. What attracted me more was the fact that the blogger was a Girl. We all know what sabbatical is, but I never imagined myself taking one. Thoroughly impressed as I was, I decided to talk to my family about it. Coming from a not so orthodox, but orthodox family, this is a major concern. You need to struggle to be free with your own accordance. I just loved the concept of it. Let the company pay me or not, the change is a must to embrace yourself!

Well, the reason to tell you this is, I stumbled across the same word 3 times like a kid stumbling on the same hurdle again while learning to walk!

Come third timeI,  was awe-struck!

There she pings me and says, “I have resigned!” I am like what!!! This girl joins after me and resigns before me!
She is fast!

Then came the word “sabbatical”. It left me astonished! I thought she would take a month off or so, and rejoin. But, she was already on the next level.
“Life sabbatical” that’s what she called it!

Well… the funda was, she wants to take care of her health; after so many years of working, she feels the need to take chance and start taking care of health, do what her heart demands, and live life on her  own terms!

Sometimes you need to stand for yourself, take your life in your control!

How many years would you be living under your parents shelter! For once, take a chance and try to live with what you have earned. Try to give up work that gives you nothing but money, and go for something which makes you feel alive!
She wanted to dance, she wanted to act, she wanted to write, and she simply wanted to live, without the office chaos.

“Let’s stop worrying, there is only one life ya!” she said. The words simply cut through all parts of my body and managed to get to my heart and brain simultaneously!

How does she manage the finances? Not that she comes from a family who will keep paying her for all her needs!

There are other means to earn!
She got a lot of people asking her to do stuff, like acting, blog writing, and also teaching, which can definitely help her cater monetary needs! Apart from savings that she already has!

This is exciting! This is crazy! This is Brave!
Very rarely do we hear of people doing that, especially in India, where people are struggling to maintain their house and family and ways of life!

But truly, this was very much of a motivation! It’s not like your going into the mountains and starving for food, but something which gives you happiness, peace, and the feeling of living by yourself proudly, is just what is needed to have a quality life! Yes. Quality life.

Hasty decisions don’t work! You need to be practical with savings and what you have to do in those months, of course if you have to want to live on your own 🙂

Hope to find myself there sometime! With same guts, same “glow” on the face and same confidence!

And if you even thinking about it this very moment, you are almost there, don’t give up!

With love to Tejaswini 🙂

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