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Rivers Talking 2: Killing the Nature

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Loss of words.
Loss of expression.
Loss of hope and a feeling of helplessness.

This is how I can sum up my morning the other day. It would have been called a brutal murder if only the victim had a shape of a living being. My words are not an exaggeration of what I witnessed. I was devastated, angered, a lot happened over the next few minutes.

Any guesses to what must have happened?

The death of a living being is the only truth that can get us into all of this at once. Well… NO!Today I actually witnessed something which I would term as “The death of Nature”. Death of species feeding on the river, the death of the river, with my wide opened eyes. I saw someone actually destroying her. I was traumatized for quite some time, I discussed the situation with few many people around me. But nothing helped me take the picture out of my mind. That’s when I decided, I need to do something about this. Make a silent appeal, that’s what we Sane-Indians do.

Coming to the murder scene, a car just stopped abruptly. There was no sound of tires burning, not even squeaking sound of the brakes, it just stopped , and right in the middle of the bridge. The bike rider following managed to avoid what might have been a collision, narrowly.

A well dressed man, who appeared to be from a good family, got out of a car. Nothing seemed tragic until now but the very next moment I witnessed a plastic bag in his hand, a huge one, and I-still-don’t-care what was in that bag but what I do care is the fact that he emptied the bag into the river.Look at the tenacity, he adjusted the bag in his hands so precisely that everything just fell right into the flowing water. For once I thought I’ll go and stop him from doing the sin, but duh. Who listens to us? Who has the time for sane thinking? All he had to do is get down, throw the bag and get in.

And I just passed by.

On went the whirlpool of thoughts. It had been just a few weeks since I wrote about the river conditions and how much in demand is its care taking. Not that I expected people to read and change, but I contemplated – what’s the point of writing, who reads it? Does it reach the right set of people? How many of us reading this recollect throwing something in the river or a water body? Almost none of us I assume. But here the scene was something I couldn’t get a closure on. He was looked upon by so many passersby, where did he get this “valor” from! Not that I haven’t seen people dispose garbage into the river, but this time it was really disturbing to see this person’s act which didn’t suit his first impression.

Suddenly I started worrying about the environment. The heat waves that have generated due to Homo-Sapiens. We have learnt all of this in schools and colleges, we witness rallies and flex and what not promoting environment protection.

But let me throw this at my readers, how many of you actually do something about it?

How many of you have reduced the usage of crackers in Diwali? Is fun at the cost of environment a right thing to do? It is such a simple task and many of us fail to follow it! Leave apart the PUC, the littering, and most important of all, what does it take to plant a tree.

I had lost hope completely and had started seeing all the negatives, till recently I read news on the daily newspaper. The news raised my hopes again, raised my hopes about change.

The news covered a story of a bride who asked her in-laws to plant 10,000 trees as a wedding gift to her. Guess what! They actually did it! She is a farmer’s daughter, seeing her father go through various drastic phases of life she definitely pinned the need down.

Long live such people.
I am happy to have done my part.
I am influenced to do something more.

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4 thoughts on “Rivers Talking 2: Killing the Nature

      1. Thanks Dipika! appreciate your comment and follow! 🙂
        Let’s write more about conservation and environment! That’s a bit we can do easily apart from the actual actions!


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