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The Cat to Restore the Faith!

An incident in our life.
Here is something my close friend experienced, really felt I should share, to restore faith in humanity especially when it comes to callousness towards animals!

Opportunities don’t just come knocking on the door, they say. But how could they, if I am never at home. 😛
Well, I am typical bachelor who spends his time more often than not outside the so-called home I stay in. Work, traffic, meetings, friends, and yes food-an unanswered question every day. “Khana kya khaoge” and there I go blank. But off late I have been going to this new place where I get home-made food, whenever I am not cooking at home.
It was just a routine day when I was going to this place for dinner and I saw small blackish living being approaching my bike. It was a cat-toddler, can’t be more than a week old. It was such an amazing feeling to hold it but I believe not so for her. She just scratched my hand and jumped off. She was attracted to, may be scattering lights, which made her go towards the street. I was suddenly worried to leave her there. I was suddenly worried for her life. I stood there helplessly, trying to figure out what to do. I thought of taking her to my building but wasn’t a good idea as I stay alone. I called my friend to check as I was unable to figure out what to do. She hurriedly told, cat’s mother  would be somewhere around, leave her in a building near you. What happened next shook me.
I saw a guard sitting in front of a gated premise. I went there and explained him the situation. He wasn’t bothered and said, there were 3 of them and 1 even died. If they can survive they will, why are you breaking your head. Shocking? Insensitive? Actually, quite human u can say. Survival of the fittest theory was the last thing I was bothered about at that time!
I tried to move on and decided  to take her home. How? In a polythene carry bag, How Einstein-ish of me? She just tore the bag and jumped off. Ya people, laugh at me. I do make such blunders.
I finally decided I will hand her to someone who wants her. I stood there on the very same street holding her. There are people who love cats and she was adorable enough to be wanted. By this time, she was screaming and getting me attention. People started asking me, well not many but certainly a few did, if she belonged to me an if she was doing good! And among one such, was an old lady with a rather sweet-heart who offered to take her home and look after her till she can be on her own.
The wise man says “All’s well that end’s well”. It sure was. I experienced both good and evil.

I lost my faith in human beings only for it to be restored a few minutes later. Not at all bad, isn’t  it?

by Animal Lover

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