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Make In India – 1 Unread Message

We the people of India

First reaction-Isn’t it supposed to be the United States. I ask them why. Unity or patriotism is not the thing to be defined in the constitution of a nation.

USA – WhatsApp
China – WeChat
Japan – Line
Indonesia – Blackberry Messenger
India – Any app but predominantly WhatsApp

Does any of this make sense? Why am I bringing this to the fore?
I have always been a strong believer of the fact that, if we as a country have to grow then there is only one healthy mantra.


Surely many of us are aware of the fact that Indian Entrepreneurs have developed an application called “Hike” which is good enough to replace WhatsApp. In fact, Hike has better features.Why can’t we challenge WhatsApp? Is it simply because we are not Chinese or Japanese?

With the recent “Make-In-India” initiative, there has been a great encouragement towards entrepreneurs. Yet, there doesn’t seem a lot happening on the Hike page.

Let me introduce you to Hike better by jotting down few comparisons that would be more picturesque than simply engaging in talking about why we don’t appreciate things made by our own nation!

  • Free messages if the person is offline (you never have to worry about the number of messages, since Hike always manages to keep your plate filled!)
  • Attachments are handled well by Hike irrespective of how big they are in size
  • Multiple group admins, hiding status, personalized wallpapers, hide chats and notifications, is all that Hike stands strong with!
  • You cannot forget the emoticons (stickers) Hike has, which now with the latest update works on WhatsApp platform as well, though as an image. I have come across a few who complain about the sticker suggestion distracting the chat as it consumes more than required display space.
  • The Sticker suggestion works just like the word suggestion. The difference being, this helps you talk more pictorially. Well again, that is through a toggle option. You can always switch it off if seems like a disturbance while typing!
  • The best part of Hike is the pin system, wherein we don’t need to change the group subjects in case of an important update for its follow-up! You can simply pin it to the top of a chat window, so the person who opens chat window after more than a countable number of messages does not miss out the important ones!

After so many brownies that Hike offers, why does WhatsApp still superpose the Indian market? Even with Hike being free and Indian??
China has WeChat, Japan has Line and Indonesia has always stood by Blackberry Messenger. WhatsApp is almost non-existent in these countries. Can we also join the race?

Nonetheless, it is very hard to move from WhatsApp to Hike, due to one major reason – everyone is on WhatsApp, right there! It’s simply astonishing but true. There is also reluctance in the air when you ask people to install Hike, thus promoting it.
What is the limiting factor? What is the bottleneck that makes it so hard for Hike to seize the attention of the nation, for the love of whom they made the app? Maybe they need to find out where exactly they need to push, so as to give Hike a global platform. While we Indians should appreciate and promote entrepreneurship thus making more revenue for the betterment of the nation!

We just considered Whatsapp-Hike as an example, but there is a wide range of products which are at par with other international brands (I completely agree to the fact that a very few prefer Emami to Gillette, and Nirma to Head & Shoulders), starting with toothpaste to footwear to clothing! Why don’t we endorse such Indian brands and make them better! As to when it comes to international brands, more joint ventures can balance the need, can’t we? Considering we cannot completely banish the foreign goods from our land!

I came across these lines somewhere, very thoughtful and if really dug into, you might just land up feeling a little ashamed of yourself, for calling yourself an Indian, yet doing nothing about it!

“When you walk out of your family, you belong to the family; when you walk out of your city, you belong to the city; you walk out of your state, you belong to the state; and when you walk out of India, you are an Indian”

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