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Rivers talking: Disposal at its Best

IMG_20160111_170543Beautiful. Let’s ignore the road.

Unfortunately, it’s the hyacinth bed. Every year the river arranges the water hyacinth in it’s best possible to way to make it worth more than a glance. No matter how bad the condition of river is, it makes us want to imagine its hyacinth as a beautiful grass carpet, neatly maintained for the beauty of nature 🙂
Since few years the quantity of grass has been increasing, leading to a well-made complete bed of greens! Splendid to the eye! No one can expect it to be cleaned by a common man if the people sitting on the ESR committee find it equally eye-pleasing!

It’s been 15 years that the river grows this particular plant of the lily family post rainy season. All attempts to purify the same have been shockingly futile! A patch of the river where “The REGATTA” (famous festival organized by the College of Engineering, Pune) takes place is usually cleaned by the CME (College of Military Engineering), but it surely needs more than that! “Funds are being raised by the NGO’s and the industries that contribute to the pollution of the river.” It’s been ages that the government is collecting money! Let’s hope the “1 km pilot project” taken by the PCMC this year yields some result. A long way ahead!! The river flows 20 km in the city and we can’t forget other rivers as well!

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