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Wrong place Right time!

“I will be on leave for the next couple of days.”
Any fond memories of this mail popping on your screen in the recent past? I can imagine faces lit with the smile.

Isn’t it a delight when you get to know all of a sudden about your manager’s leave? And when he drops a mail about availing an entire week off, your joy has no bounds at all! You feel free of shackles. Suddenly office seems a better place to go to!

Today’s generation is growing bolder by day. They give it back by saying, “This task needs two hours. Whether you put sugar on your tongue or you keep a watch or yell, it is going to take two hours!”

Ever since the innovation of laptop and the pocket wonder called smartphone accompanied by the high-speed internet have come into the picture, options like work from home and easy access to emails anywhere anytime have made an impact, thus working late is no more a routine!Imagine someone who is completely at the wrong place at the right time. This takes the feeling of “Manager on leave” to a next level – like the epitome of it, practically.

Getting to know about tomorrow is always the best way to be prepared. As goes one of the William Shakespeare’s famous quotes, “All things are ready, if our mind be so.”

While I am writing this; a thought just passed by, what if my manager reads the article I am going to publish? He might as well reconsider my existence as a resource of the company altogether! It is nothing less than being prepared for something big.
So, the person (let us name him “wrong place right time”) gets to know about the pressure-free work environment for the next day. You might find the person jumping like a pup who wants to get out of the box he is kept in! There is a sudden urge to spend more time at the desk from that very moment. It feels light as a feather, given a choice you might fly too. The person gets back home while looking forward to being at work the next day. How often does this happen? The time spent at home is full of mirth since he is very well aware of the pleasant situation at work the coming day. Currently, the person’s mind resembles a picture drawn by a 3-year-old, given a few crayons. Bizarre for the audience but makes complete sense to him!

The next day, this person is all set. Super excited as the morning awaits! By now, at least, a few of them know about his manager’s leave! He comes pretty much well dressed, considering even the minute details while making it to the office! He exactly knows and remembers the work tasks to complete. Everything remains enjoyable and amusing! On a regular day, he works for more hours while managing to complete comparatively a little lesser than expected as against on a lucky day like today. He could see his other teammates being equally relieved; his excitement doubles with guilt reduced to zero if at all it persists.
Eventually, there is time to do what he intends to do all his life! Something other than designing on the computer, the automobile! Something other than generating macros, something other than making production plans! He finds a perfect balance between his job and dream! This is the day of utmost satisfaction! Productivity almost at its peak! Nothing can go wrong today. He attains perfection! It’s a reality – you work well under no pressure!

A day full of excitement, desire for more days like this and looking forward to everything are few of the great outcomes! Since all this while I have been referring to a generic person, trust me, I am the one experiencing those set of feelings right now and this write-up is a product of those feelings!

imagesEntrepreneurship, it’s a long-term plan. Set targets and priorities, goals with no diversions, take you on the right path. When in office, these are all exploited. I usually finish my work only to prepare for my dream. That’s exactly why I call it wrong place at the right time. Right time to earn but wrong place to do two things at once! I be loyal to the workplace which pays me, you know. I feel connected to my dream more, in spite of the job I do for money today!

A parcel delivery from Amazon one week before the scheduled delivery is a cherry on top for this perfect day!


2 thoughts on “Wrong place Right time!

  1. There is a saying in marathi “mani wase te swapni dise”. Here is an example of the same with lil difference “mani wase te lekhanit dise”

    Article is nice and it is true for most of them who have aspiration other than their job in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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