“I will visit her some other day because I would have to take a shower on return.”

As goes the saying, everything happens for a reason and let me add, when it is destined to. Be it as simple as experiencing a feeling or expressing a feeling in the form of art. Few days back, one more time, I was about to explode in anger and the rational self in me was shouting at the top of its voice but in vain since it fell on all the deaf ears. Like always, my voice was choked by people who resist change, changes which emphasize logical thinking over rules laid by the previous generations. It’s about time I make a soft yet strong appeal by asking people to inform themselves as to what they are doing whenever they come across any such incidents.

Indian society is been plagued with many problems ranging from cleanliness to corruption to superstitions. Yes, you read that correct. You would find people talking and blaming the society whenever there is a discussion about cleanliness or corruption, but when you question their beliefs which are underlined as superstitions they either get mad at you or bring in their stringent defense. Even the so called educated and qualified.

Death is the most certain thing in everyone’s life. It’s a sad reality which no one is spared of. It was one such instance. Someone I knew lost her parent and we were planning to visit her. While most of them agreed readily a friend of mine replied, “I will visit her some other day because I would have to take a shower on return”. Thoughts transpired into words and since i knew i will never win an argument with him, I thought of questioning people reading this here.

“Tamasha” – a movie referred to as an absolute piece of shit by a few, if not many. I watched it too, recently. Does anyone feel that the ideology portrayed is something which our country or any individual needs at this point of time? It has nothing to do with superstitions but it will definitely make you believe in asking ‘Why’ before you do anything.

We live in an era showered with technology and are still made to believe, “a dead body spreads infections”. Well, of course it does but when that’s taken to an argument to justify why we are supposed to take a shower on return after cremation or other such processes seems like a complete blabber. Earlier people weren’t aware of precautions. So,I would say it was okay then, but what about now? Do we really trust the development in medicine, technology and doctors for proper disposal? Feeling better, fresh or even relaxed can be better points for an argument than making us believe that a body spreads infections even after a doctor spending 2hrs before handing it over to the concerned people.

  • Do not cut your nails after dusk. Are we in stone age or medieval age that we can’t spot a nail even if it flies here and there? That’s like challenging Benjamin Franklin’s discovery!
  • Do not wear black at a ceremony or where puja (an act of worship) takes place.
  • You don’t have to eat before you offer Sandhya (a religious act of worship performed by a certain community of people every morning). I know a person who prefers an antacid and medication for Migraine over having a healthy breakfast before sandhya.
  • Do not buy anything on the new moon day. Do not buy shoes or even have a haircut on Saturday.
  • A girl should not cook when she has her menstrual cycle, she is not supposed to touch anything or even enter the temple!
  • People do not offer flowers when there is a birth or a death in the family. They don’t even cook at home for the next few days!

How many times are we going to wait for it to be a Sunday morning so that we can buy new stuff or get a haircut? Maybe it’s high time we ask “Why” to all the above question which are only a few from the bucket overflowing with blind faith.

Superstitions have penetrated into newer generations too. The questions we ask are mostly answered with words like, “There is a reason to it, just do it”. I call it lame. Rather than sitting back and making us blindly believe what they say a logical or scientific answer would actually get us to follow things that matter in the world of today.
Man keeps progressing, in case we have forgotten.

People have become more practical and bold. We need to oblige the fact that human brain has evolved over the period of time. There are a significant number of people demanding this change and also those have started practising scientific worship and prayers. I am sure if these questions don’t get the right answer today, it would be an impossible and tiring task for us in the future to answer a lot of these looped “Why’s”!


2 thoughts on ““I will visit her some other day because I would have to take a shower on return.”

  1. Not only in Indian society , superstition prevails everywhere and mostly attached to religious beliefs than finding the root cause of which may have some scientific base . Knowledge is given ;intelligence needs to be developed .


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