Good smoke, Bad smoke

“Yes, this is the time I crave for nicotine.” Ask any smoker and the particular statement would be their instant reply – Post Lunch.
I am speaking for many who tussle with headache every day, post lunch. As good the AC is with all the comfort it provides, it turns nauseate and inexcusable when smokers walk back into the lobby and workspace carrying the entire whiff accompanied by the gum.

That whiff kills, practically!

It is a regular thing at office. It is a regular thing in every IT Park. The entire industry is plagued. It has become a regular thing at colleges too…AND eventually, IT IS A REGULAR THING EVERYWHERE!

No one knows.

Work pressure can be one thing. Feeling cool can be another. Finally, it all leads to something inevitable, ADDICTION!
It’s hard to believe that students from one of the finest and celebrated institutions smoke Marijuana (weed) and milder versions like ‘CIGARETTE’, justifying their frantic curriculum. ‘Marijuana helps increase concentration levels while studying’, one of the known arguments which by the way is true.
IT sector being one of the well paid profession’s reality is such – work pressure, tight deadlines, deliveries, commitments; all goes round and round without discontinuity. These are all the easy escape routes to fill in lungs with ‘Tar’.
It’s definitely cool to try out new things whilst sometimes it is peer pressure. Whether any of these reasons justified – remains an individual’s perspective. Would I be fair enough to say, “Every person who smokes Marijuana or Cigarette to tackle stress inevitably spoils health over a period of time?”

It’s written on every pack of cigarette, “CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH”.

What is wrong with these people?
Are these people insane to be so sure of marketing their product even with a health warning written for humanity?
Does anybody have time to read this?
Isn’t self’s wellbeing a significant enough reason to wean off something like this?
We have even seen marriages leading to divorce because of someone’s Cigarette addiction. Who would u leave a habit for, if not for your wife or daughter?

I bother to ask, “Why don’t you QUIT?” to many people who have fallen prey to this. The answers are textbook-perfect memorized lines sincerely answered over ‘n’ number of times.

“I am trying”
“It doesn’t happen so fast”
“I don’t smoke much”

It’s an IRONY that the same people who promote “NO SMOKING” are also building SMOKING ZONES. Agreed, we are helping the civilians from passive smoking but I call it irony because it’s like building temporary solutions to a grave problem.
So then, the awareness programs’ happening around doesn’t make sense. It’s absolutely okay to put life at stake, even after knowing it’s going to be irreversible. It’s no big deal if mom finds out that her 17 year old is a chain smoker, and it’s worth ignoring even when daughter says your life has gone for a toss because of smoke.

Let’s assume –

A perfect STRESS BUSTER. Online games, numerous quizzes, humor which are all the stuff that gets shared all the time, none of these contribute enough towards reducing stress, not even the physical workouts.
SMOKING IS NECESSARY, even if it takes life out of the people who live for you and those whom you live for, apparently if you really do.

For those, who have any sense of awareness or have developed after reading this, you may possibly want to live – A LIFE FREE OF NICOTINE, A HEALTHY LIFE. Rest all, search for a logical reason to smoke apart from it being stress buster or cool!
I always fail to understand the fact that people who smoke also call it a bad habit.

Some thoughts from the third world –

While I penned down all my biased thoughts, someone just came up to me and asked “What about those who are born to love the solitude they live in? What about those who are born to devote themselves to canvas, music, some beautiful piece of art? People who care about nothing else but just hobby, their passion”

For them, Nicotine is the means of unleashing mind and heart in the various forms of art they live for. It’s a way to hide the sorrows they go through. Stimulants like caffeine…etc. get the best out of them. Raw thoughts silver lined with the immense capacity of minds, simply splendid!

Now, where does healthy life come into picture here? They are very well aware of the shortened period of life they live but all they care for is whether their art will live in the hearts of people for longer or not. They call it as ‘Living Life to the Fullest’.

All said and done, I am proud of the fact that I made someone in my life quit smoking.
So, which side of the net would you like to be on? After all, we are the architects of our own life…
Whether to smoke or not is completely an individual’s decision. Whether to make it a thing in life or not is also an individual’s decision based on which part of the pyramid you place yourself. The top of this pyramid is made of people who are handful, living a life of illusion where they don’t have clarity to portray their skills efficiently unless assisted by weed, alcohol and stuff like these. Many people today have a problem to let out their feelings without a beer!

With that, I would like to leave you with this question “Are we so weak that a roll of paper filled with tobacco OR a bottle of fermented liquid is what is required to get the best out of us?”



6 thoughts on “Good smoke, Bad smoke

  1. Excellent!
    Well, as you have mentioned in the last but one para, I know someone who has delivered a presentation after being stoned!!

    The text in the green has a tinge of negativity. Instead of justifying smoking for them, you could have talked about artists who have given their best without being addicted! 🙂


    1. Thank you Gourav!
      Every action and every practise has two sides. There are people who have benefitted by living on either sides. It is all about perspective 🙂 we always respect people achieving great strides without addiction, but i wanted to portray individual lives who care about their work way more than their health or people around them, which is a little negative to humanity.

      Liked by 1 person

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