Few Seconds Read

Just a lil about doing nothing…

I need a break!
A much needed break!
Guess, I need some change!
Reliving better days!

Do these lines sound familiar?

A few of the many lines which make rounds or rather spam our FB walls off late. The rate of getting bored and the need for change has increased in the younger working generations of today. And while we all fall for such “much needed breaks”, many are genuinely in need of one. But frankly, are these breaks making any difference to your daily schedule? Because even after a weekend getaway we still feel we need a break! Something is terribly wrong there, ain’t it?

Have you ever wondered why it has come to this?
Do we not like our jobs? Many times we don’t work at a place which makes us happy. Well, it’s either money, wrong career choice or just comfort zone. Not so satisfying status updates are most likely at such times. So many writers have come to writing about “Importance of doing nothing” and the trend continues, since there is an increase in response to such.
Why is it that we eventually land up in a situation that we need to find time to do nothing? Does doing nothing really mean we do nothing at all? Our brains function more while we are asleep than while we are awake. So, ‘Doing Nothing’ is like a food for thought.

What do you do whilst you say you do nothing?

I am sure we have imagined a lot and picturized ourselves doing something while we think we are doing nothing. If you ask me…lying down on the floor staring at the fan and playing with your hair is something I can count as doing nothing. Simultaneously we can’t ignore the thinking process that takes a leap from snail’s pace to a Bugatti Veyron. But everything then just falls in the exact place like the jigsaw. It’s not like you find a key to every lock, but it definitely relaxes your mind with increased ability of powerful thinking.

I believe we don’t need to find time do to nothing. The body and the brain demand for themselves precisely when our brain starts playing with our mind. Now, it’s up to us whether we take it to a pizza party every time or enjoy some alone time.J

For e.g. – Generally it’s like, while I write there is a turbulent flow of thoughts that makes my head heavy and unbearable. As if gravity makes them want to get off. But my words and thinking don’t match pace and that’s exactly when I feel the need to do nothing.

This can’t be converted into a very good read.”

I say to myself when I’m done jotting down. Again, that’s when I feel the need to do nothing.
So most of the things I write are incomplete.
People say it’s in the character… “Na dhup Na chaav” kind of a thing. But when I read and spoke to people there were like ample of them out there struggling with the same concern of performance and hence those articles about finding time to do nothing are justified.
Maybe we should learn how to organize better than giving in to things like this.

“Why not spend some time doing nothing than literally making our minds unstable craving for entertainment to make more logical status updates like the people who are actually on a break that gives them mental peace and rejuvenation?”

Why put yourself under so much pressure that taking a break becomes a vital thing rather than it being something which needs to be at your disposal all the time?
And by the way, the next time you change your status, you may want to change the usage of those words to something more exclusive and attractive!

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