Blue Tie & Pink Stockings

It’s time we change, and not ask her to change!

From social and cultural platform to corporate everywhere this concern is escalated – leaving the result to a few positives, few negatives and a few where women take advantage of the services offered to them.

Being a woman, I find it hard to write this but reservations for Women varying from 18 to 35% at different segments based upon the ease and requirement has generated a complete different scenario. Women are respected more in the system where education is emphasized. Well, in that case you expect the maximum respect to a woman when she works in the corporate industry. The hypocrisy starts when a few recruited women candidates are called “The Diversity” by HR and leadership when equality is what we promote on the entire floor.
I witnessed this personally while working for one of the companies.
It needed a fair share of women working for them, and hence they set a project wherein they would recruit only the diversity thereby filling the required quota of reservation for the females. The question is do we really need this at the corporate level? Reservation and also being called diversity? If it takes such things to improve the skew, why are we even thinking about getting into mainstream the people, who have always been diverted from equality?

We come across many articles and speeches given by distinguished personalities promoting the same. There are rallies and marathons taking place to demand equality for women.
Too many efforts are taken towards gender equality many places its reaped benefits while in most places it’s gone for a toss in different directions.
For the women of India working in the male dominated industry, scene is entirely different. Let’s for example consider manufacturing.
There’s a different table for women during the lunch, breakfast or evening snack time! Though unsaid truth it is, even if it’s not written by the rule makers anywhere, people do point fingers and talk about a girl who mingles with the opposite sex, no one cares about the answer to a question “WHY?”

Women working in a design center of many manufacturing industry are not allowed to wear sleeveless. She has to wear a dupatta.
The reason given is, it’s indecent and it is just precautionary. Really? Instead why don’t we address the brains of the opposite sex working there? It’s impractical to control the mob that is true for sure, you can’t change the mentality of so many people at a time, but does anyone even want to take the responsibility to change a few?
You are asked to be careful while talking to the male candidates, why? Because people talk behind your back, your work and eventually your appraisal might get affected. Well, for the self he thinks, right? Why restrict? One of my managers gave this
“I generally don’t recruit female candidates to my team because she cannot work in the night shift.
She is unable to work with 100% attention due to family responsibility. Once recruited – they get married, that is like a leave for a month, they work a few months and go for maternity leave which extends to around 6 months. Basically, all these uncertainties are not shown by men. Also I can’t make her wait and work beyond shift timings ETC.”

Although the last line is true, why has it come to that stage?
Crunch situations arise during deliveries and the female candidate is asked to go home before it’s dark or too late, and it’s put right in her face that women are a responsibility the company can’t take. There have been cases before. No one has a solution to it, do they? It is absolutely right to take care of her, but why can’t we handle this in a better way?

So, apart from efficiency in work they can do, women are still given a secondary treatment when it comes to clothing or even while showing willingness to work for extended hours, for that matter everything they do is observed. It’s sometimes even dangerous to stretch your hands up in the bay. Or get a coffee with her bachelor teammate.
Of course we can’t deny the undue advantage taken by women regarding the benefits she gets for her being a “she”, but then that gives rise to entirely a new horizon. It holds true that when you have power you might tend to use in a wrong way too. Let’s chuck this for a while.

Well, I don’t want to be completely biased about women working in an all-male environment. You can’t deny that she becomes more and more confident of herself and her work while she works in a male dominated firm. Gossip matrix skewed towards women usually changes for her if she has a perspective. Knowledge sharing takes place more with a group of guys. Complications are lesser!

Well…with freedom along with decency of clothing and brain you cannot avoid the attention of the opposite sex. And girl, you just need to be stronger and stronger to deal with it with a smile.☺

In no time you will find her promoted from being a beta to an alpha girl!

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