Expandable Thinking BOX

(Somewhere in Mudhol)
 said he wanted to own a gas station. Now, he owns one.
(Somewhere in Pune)
She took a break of 6 months from studies to stay back in India so that she can learn kick boxing, taekwondo, dance, and other things which she wanted to.
(Somewhere in Bangalore)
Together, they had dreamt of becoming entrepreneurs; thereby selling homemade chocolates they themselves made over the weekends. Both, IT professionals and just married, they run a successful business which started from neighbours tasting their chocolates.
(Somewhere around Pune again)
She has resigned from job to give herself a break and here she is, learning script “MODI”, an ancient Indian script for Marathi.
(Somewhere in Mumbai)

She is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and now runs a successful business in pottery.

​Aren’t these statements above truly remarkable? They make you want to think about you being listed in those! Everyone has his/her own dream- maybe small, but unique. And we all know the best feeling is to live one!

Here’s what’s happening in the 2nd world.
Which Country are you flying to?
Which university 
are you getting into?

These are the common questions in the air these days. It’s no big a deal, frankly.
By taking quality education you surely live a good life – of money, luxury, and satisfaction. Along with all that, why not try something different? Maybe take up your passion to an extent that you wouldn’t need your job to pay you anymore; that is if and only if you want to swim upstream. Maybe that is the difference between an employee rated 100/100 and 110/100. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!

Although, it would raise a question on me writing all this, I am sure more than 75% of the crowd around me shares the same opinion. Ask anyone today, what do they do, they are either travelling abroad, or working for a company. I would definitely say working for Google, Microsoft, Boeing or any other top rated company is a good choice of life but only if you have dreamt working for them. There are two ways to look at your life, both equally justified- you have fun, want to live your life and then think about beings around you because you have just one life, or the vice versa.
For those back here, for those who just want to be exceptionally proud and happy about being here (that is if they are not already: P) – don’t you think it’s time we promote some entrepreneurship?

Different people have different opinions about living their life. So, for those who either can’t think of what to do with their life (I would like to call them confused) or for those who are reluctant as to what people might say, or for those who may want to have a plan should definitely try browsing the word entrepreneurship! I am sure the next statement would be true for you in no time.

“I don’t need a holiday, because while working I feel I am on a holiday. It is that much fun.”

At present even I have fallen prey to serving others. But, with the crudest of all plans I know I want to make money for it to be in action. Everything takes its own time. I took up writing influenced by a very irrelevant happening. I was convinced I was made for writing by a Bollywood movie named “PAGE 3” and it became stronger and stronger with movies, like “Lakshya” and “Wake up SID”. As funny as it might sound but then it’s just the truth. If you are meant to do it then you tend to get influenced by any stupid episode. If not, then absolutely nothing can budge you; not even a mournful experience.
Recently, I came across an article. It spoke about just one question, “What would you answer when asked, what do you do?” So, in case you ask a taxi driver; what do you do, he might say I am an actor; if you ask a waitress at the cafe, she might say I am a cartoonist for a newspaper. Some pizza delivery guy would say, I am a professional potter. Well! This is unique to a country, as the writer mentioned. But the place where I come from, if you ask an IT professional; what do you do while at his job, he would simply say, I code.

Most of the time, either condescending others or appreciating self goes like this; “He is an actor now?? Like how? And when?! May be even I can then.”

Very few individuals see us throughout our lives and opine, while most of them are just mouth publicizing like Chinese whispers, sometimes bad and many a times good. There is a story behind every choice made, behind every decision made. Many of us take ages to decipher what we want, while for some, it just clicks; without a reason. So, when you start doing something which clicks, not everyone knows you. A successful orator or a professor, then in school could have been a 4 or 5 out of 10 in speaking which probably is not something encouraging to face a mob. Certainly, it has taken time for him to grow from 4/10 to 8.5/10 and there surely is a strong story associated with it. Similarly, person with a stage fright might now be the most successful actor!

I, in no way plan to influence you or encourage you to take up anything that I write here today. After all, every individual finds for himself the most unique hobbies, at their horizons. Some truly find it, while for some it remains an unexplored terrain.

If nothing actually fits your expandable box of thinking, let’s try to give ourselves a little free time, and pursue our hobby, where time requires no explanation as to how it was spent, after all, “Time spent being happy is time well spent!”

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