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Benefits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)!

Let’s begin with basics. “Are you shifting?” or “Are you moving?” Ha-ha. So often do we take our usage of language for granted, unknowingly and confidently going wrong? But let’s leave it to individual selves to find that out! Let me share with you, one of the most OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) affected experiences I have ever had.

Recently, like every other apartment; we had a plan for reconstruction. Going into a space, half of what you previously lived in; really needs a lot of planning and giving up of the compulsive hoarding attitude! Most of the initial period is spent thinking about what has to be done and how it has to be done. Visual effects of my own mind play a major role and they are superb over practice now. I imagine all things with the required perfect color to segregate with; and the size, after basic grouping made by its usage. So, the mind mapping takes place in a real funny way. It starts with the first thing that comes to mind. This time it was books, since the amount of books exceed the no of vessels in the kitchen inclusive of all the sizes, at home. Besides they are placed at various places. The first job is to recollect the number of places these important books might be stacked. And how and when I should take them off the places is also noted down somewhere by my subconscious. The order of which makes me imagine myself going around the house and collecting them. That finishes the books. Similar lines followed for other such vital things, including jewelry, shoes, and probably - bags.

The jewelry is further segregated on the basis of when you wear them and for what occasion. Same is the case with shoes. Bags indeed go with colors and moods. Whilst earnings, I realized they are a big mess and need to be organized, in a particular fashion which helps them remind me (ya, they remind me) of using them easily, on the perfect occasions. I tore a piece of corrugated paper from a big roll bought specially for packing. I cut them into small pieces of 1”x 1” and pierced the pair of earning in each. I subdivided them based on their length, so the long ones went into the vertical box and the small ones into a horizontal portable drawer I bought the other day from the online portal of giftease.com, a pretty good deal. It’s an intricately designed piece made of wood and glass. It has four drawers, which of course led me to using it for four major shades of red/pink, yellow/white, green/blue and black. Then the best part, making the cardboard boxes! When they came home, they were flat. So, that was like making origami but, on the bigger scale! I analyzed how many boxes I would need for the books. But unfortunately there was not much scope for analysis since it was very simple, books I need/ books I don’t need. Story and study books are no more a basis of criteria for division, since the latter are hardly any. I got 4-5 boxes, at once built them and kept open at different places in the room, closer to things that they were meant for! Seeing the boxes scattered around, putting things into the boxes sent a trigger down my spine, as it was the last and final stage of organizing. So the books went in depending on its size, in each box, and so did the jewelry. Haan! Done… Then came the most important part, clothing! Sometimes it is fun to randomly dump stuff in the boxes. So, the clothes that were ironed, mostly they are these days, since I go to a so-called-organized place known as office, which demands very decent outfits. So there I go! Got hold of one stack of clothes, threw them in the box, then another one, and then yet another and so it went on till the last which had dupattas. Dupattas don’t need ironing! They go straight in its crumbled form from the cupboard into the box! And the box is shut and cello-taped! The box that I had got for shoes got me into thinking as to how to keep up with them. Can you think of anything by the way? I just landed up wasting the time spent in grouping, eventually wrapping each pair in the newspaper and stacked them one over the other in a box. It was impossible to find out which one is where, but some places you need to let yourself freeeee. Too many things!

As u start packing, you realize; you have fallen prey to hoarding for a lot many years now, and all of this is a result. All things are important, starting from the school badge to a small card to a huge painting, from small plastic balls to colored papers, from sketch pens to charcoal, from pieces of chalks stored secretly since school days to a huge bag of random things collected from different places at home without letting others know, especially dad. The other day when I was searching for something in that bag, he dropped by suddenly, and emptied the entire bag on the floor, taking away all his belongings like staple pins to wires and erasers and screwdrivers and soldering gun back. So that implied I had lost like a volume of it, but few things still held in there! Such random stuff, which is very vital for our living, needs to be packed safely to prevent recurrences.

Watches! No one can forget that. Got myself a set top box cover and laid all the watches of my entire family in it such that, when you open the box you get to feel as if you are selling those! Lay the box on your forehand and open it facing the person in front of you with the other hand! Well, so I landed up packing everything in two days, excluding mattresses. It was fun. Arranging and organizing really makes me want to work. I feel energized and I don’t like it when people make changes to the rehearsed show in my mind, although I acclimatize and adjust to these changes as well, eventually. Though, it leads to breaking of the pipeline. Had I not had interest in this, moving would have been a little emotional.

Cleaning is something which one can start doing when you feel low or angry; it might just cheer you up sometime, for me, most of the times :). Part one is done. The story is soon going to repeat with more colorful situations when it comes to arranging this stuff in the new room! Can’t wait! I miss my old house, too long a period till I go back there.

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