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“Next Station, SantaCruz”

When you have a month old nephew at home, it’s really difficult to even drag your feet out of the house, and especially to office. 6:45 am bus by now is already past tense, so the only reasonable option is public transport. It simply is an answer to the question “what would you have done, had you not had a car?”.
In my very first article titled “It’s all about buses”, my love for buses is vivid, so no doubt about how and why I don’t mind missing the office bus.
Being a non-Mumbaikar, I don’t know how Mumbaikars feel, but I definitely adore their transport system, the trains and the buses too. Trains, since recent past, have a lady talking over the speaker, telling the passengers of the current and the next stations. She goes like-

Pudheel station; Santacruz, aagla station; Santacruz, next station; Santacruz”.

Well it’s Mumbai, and that says it all. It has to be efficient. But just IMAGINE, hearing a similar tape in Pune, and that too in the BUS! All with BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) routes, working full-fledged!!
Today morning I was literally stunned to see the automated doors working, buses going into the BRT route one by one in line, people getting in and out through the assigned door, also the roads looked simply majestic and clean in the morning. There are pathways constructed for the people to walk in between the BRT station and the crossroad, proper zebra crossing lines exactly connecting the crossroads and the pavement where you are required to reach.

IMG_20150914_071443204 IMG_20150914_072307746 IMG_20150914_072156269 IMG_20150914_071400092
In reality, every country, mostly developed, has all these things, but seeing something finally working after a long period of wait, gives you a ray of hope towards the possibility of faster development of the country. I feel that development takes one step at a time. Though here it’s too slow, we can’t deny the fact, who doesn’t like such early morning surprises?

One thought on ““Next Station, SantaCruz”

  1. Nicely composed!!!Finally the Rapid Transit system is on road.Well i have travelled in Ahmedabad BRT few times.Its very well planned,well organised.Despite of Indisciplined Amdavadi Traffic,
    BRT is actually doing a great job for them. Hope Punekars start using it and Keep it clean.

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