“Phir se ud chala…..”

Let me start with a few stereotypical statements! “Who says a girl and a boy cannot be best friends?  Well, for those who don’t believe in it, I have a fantastic story for you – of love, hatred, jealousy, bewilderment, awe and pride.”

It begins with something that happened 4-5 years ago.

He: “Ohh she’s from that school! Students from that school are spoilt brats, high maintenance, bade baap ke bighade huye, and they think they know the world sorts.”
She: <<I have heard his name before.>>” Oh you were in that college? Ohh so was I! No wonder.”
He: “uh huh…I have seen you girl, dumbo!” ….silence….for a few seconds…
She: “ohh ya of course…hahahha!!!”

And they exchange smiles and high fives. And the journey began!

He was all about exaggerations. And when counter attacked, he used his typical shit storm strategy wherein people would fictitiously agree to him, for the sake of ending the conversation, to mark the beginning of yet another one! He was ‘doston ke liye kuch bhi’ types. With a great chemistry that developed over days and months, he finally realized she’s not the “typical” one from the school!
Then there came up a racket game! She was good at it. Began the betting, to which he of course lost. He lost and he got up again with doubled zeal. He does this in everything. A quality of him she adorned. He took this racket game loss so seriously that now he is one of the best racket game players in her eyes. He has started worshipping the game. She is sure he credits her for introducing him into this world, where he loses all his negative feelings to be his own happy-go-lucky self, brimming with happiness again!

Their relation grew fonder with time. There were a lot of interruptions, after all someone wisely said, “disruption is the only certain thing in this uncertain world”, though I would really like to replace the word “disruption” with “change”.
They were involved selflessly in this pure institution of friendship! They did not talk for long hours; they did not meet every day. The unique understanding of a few words in a text message made them understand the entire story behind. Over years in engineering, she started realizing what he means to her and was sure of the vice versa being true too. They didn’t study together, neither did they go to college together, nor did they have lunch together every day. She loved travelling. So did he. She loved having fun with him. So did he. She loved pulling his leg in the public. So did he. From typical tongue out photos to tasting alcohol and chicken, from movies to trekking, from wearing lens to misplacing a Yonex racket, they did everything! Free mangoes, free racket kit, drill machines, windcheaters, aux cables, small pizza parties, late night ice creams, money matters :), hard drives, laptops and more, just everything had made a story worth listening to. By this time his terrible sense of direction that had made him infamous, turned into a trustworthy thread in the binding. She had started believing. He always did.
Began a new life, of money, respect, work, real world scenarios and tensions. But this did not stop them from being kids! Sneaking onto the terrace of his school, getting down when spotted by the security, was embarrassing for her. She was sure he wouldn’t understand what embarrassment she spoke of until the guard asked “what were you up to there?” Going for long rides in the evening, watching planes take off at the airport, going shopping, for him mostly and when for her, advising her on fashion (that really needs to be explained, she had a good sense, she had made him better, but still she loved taking his advice :P) and carrying shopping bags, going bowling with random group of people, he did it all, for her. They were tied for lifetime with the bond of friendship. They were by now so comfortable that people thought they were dating.

She also almost hit his brand new car on the first day! Trust me however angry he would have got (which he did not by the way 🙂 ) she was still very special to him.
Considering time travel, there also came a day that they fell in love, not with each other but with a boy and a girl. He and she rejoiced this feeling too, together. They danced to the live concert of Arijit Singh. She still remembers every song and every expression they exchanged listening to the lyrics. Eyes spoke of love and friendship. Two very beautiful things at a time, she loved her life and so did he.

There was a constant chatter; there was abuse for all that they made each other do. They respected each other’s dreams and were fascinated by them too. There was jealousy and “keeping-quiet” moments, there was bullying and there was discouragement. But nothing ever went down to bruise the foundation they had laid.

She is happy and satisfied, with all that has changed in her because of him. Like there is a Bell Curve for everything in the world, their relation was also an era, a beautiful one, which has to come down one day to mark the rise of another curve.
She is glad she was lucky to experience this wonderful pure feeling.
Now she has taken his crazy ball and the aux cable from the car to give herself a chance to forget this unique bond, so that they remind her of it again :).

She is proud of what she has in her pocket now! Making space in there, she now looks forward to fill in more :).

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