WhatsApp – A Way to an Infinite Thinking Process!

Something I came across a few days back – an article in The Times of India titled, “9 Ways in Which WhatsApp Ruined Us”, made me pen down my complete thinking process here. In today’s world everything has just become “OnClick”, and WhatsApp being the strongest medium to make friends and pass time “OnClick”.

Larger perspective in mind, we come across people saying “technology and advancement is good but it keeps uprooting humanity from the people” and ETC. All of it , which by the way is TRUE. I was a one hundred percent strong propagator till I actually came to witness situations when you are left feeling nothing but helpless in spite of these upgrading facets of the quick and fast world.

I was overwhelmed by the rage I found myself in, for people not replying to my messaging on WhatsApp in spite of them, being online. I felt insulted and there flew a stream of negative and judgmental thoughts leaving me in a mental turmoil, intensity depending on how close the person was. Impatiently I typed in everything that I could think to get the person talking, thereby expecting an answer to the least. Duh. Nothing can get a person replying if he is on the phone then, or he is in a meeting or busy with something else.

We have priorities. But then, there is also another side to the coin. There are times that the person is talking to someone else whilst using the same mode of communication. Aren’t we then rated secondary in the priority. Really is It like that?

Just like people have weird photographs, weird statuses weird are the ways and times of them replying.
All of this – a shit storm, which by the way is true.

Why am I explaining all of this? Looks like a diversion from the original topic but a big NO. Following happens to me. Does it happen to you?I am on the verge of dozing off and the phone rings. I cut it. The WhatsApp pings. I open it, with real heavy eyes read it half halfheartedly, because of course sleeping is the top priority. So I don’t reply immediately. But the intelligent WhatsApp records my last seen. Should I care?

Now, there are times when I am cooking. I am expecting a recipe from my friend on WhatsApp . Have to serve 10-15 people who have put me on the radar, visiting on such a short notice. But I love them so much that I cannot be not happy, about their visit. WhatsApp pings. Flood of messages. One of them is the recipe. I keep it open and start cooking. Again. A disaster. Last seen.

Who’s fault is it? No ones. Its all about expectations and patience. The person will reply if he has to. The person is going to read the message no matter what.
There are also times when in spite of doing nothing we don’t feel like replying to a particular person, that’s exactly how mind works, our mind and brain is not a machine or a robot. It needs entertainment, it has moods, and it has choices. And you have to listen to it.

Statuses, display pics and last seen’s bother us when we make these things our life. Do we go one mile extra to analyze the situations as to why a particular thing might have happened. People put up such pics/statuses get us into infinite thinking. As to adding more to that, have we thought what do we gain out of that? Instead, there are so many long lost friends who are in contact once again. There are so many groups where we find new friends. It’s literally OnClick that an entire new virtual but real world, opens up.

Now it’s easy to say technology has spoiled the fun in the nature’s way of life. It’s made us materialistic. It may have, to an extent that people have their WhatsApp status written “It is such a fake world”. But think, is it true really?
Our habits are the choices we once made. Can’t this also be a choice? A choice of what to grasp and what not to? Can’t our thoughts, simply, not be governed by the statuses and last seen’s? Why care about what her status reads if I really don’t care of her status, technically?

You would rather not get the thoughts running, about what and why the status is what it is, simply because, there is a small line between liking and addiction, and we seldom come to know of its crossing. And it better be handled and controlled than digging a black hole of randomness which gives you a false peace of people being there.
What friendship meant decades ago is what it means today too. A baby still spends nine months in the womb; we still have a day after night. Nothing’s changed. It’s only the choices that matter. If you make the right choice, even technology cannot hamper your mental peace.

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