After a lot of pestering and cribbing, I finally landed up watching Lokmanya. Not that I don’t watch such “Deshpremi” movies, but over the time they have finally failed to influence me. After a while you get used to a particular “type” and there remains no spark or an urge to get influenced.

While watching movies like Lakshya, Swades and Rang de Basanti, my heart was filled with integrity and pride about my nation. In fact, every time I watch those I experience the same set of feelings that they have been always associated with. There is no change whatsoever even after all these years. During, and a few hours after the movie, I am all dreamy about how I would make a change. This eventually fades away when we are back into our daily fun or monotonous routine.

People say it’s different when you are 23 and completely different when you are 24! Well when I watched those movies back in 2004 and 2006 I was nowhere near those numbers. Maybe, all I got out of those movies was, a girl who could just get you to come back to India or in a bigger picture love makes you do such wonderful things. Well! That obviously isn’t a reality. Now that I consider myself to have seen a little more of the world than in 2004. It’s not about love here, but about what you feel for your homeland.

Most of the “deshbhakti” movies show us nothing but the freedom struggle, the martyrs, the country and the life then, which of course is what it is about. I strongly believe what people did then, isn’t possible today. Their life was spent trying to shoo-off the people sitting on their head as top management, goes without saying, thereby creating a havoc under the name of business and trade. I agree we learn from the past. But though the incidences happen to be the same, the environment and the situations are not, which leads us to getting ‘back into our daily “fun” or “monotonous” routine’, after watching every such movie. Although, there are many people who want to see India free of all the ill-practices, a handful of people in the society have them all tied up and driven, just like the gear with the pinion.

Another such movie was ‘Lokmanya – ek yug Purush’, cast filled with the famous and the most successful actors Subodh Bhave, Priya Bapat and Chinmay Mandlekar. Movie definitely looked promising and so did it turn out to be, looking at its astonishing performance on the box office!

The movie might not be as influential as Swades, maybe, which when released witnessed a few people realizing how much India needs their brain, but yes, it definitely sends a trigger down your spine. It gives you this aggressive urge about finding something to give back to the society we live in and experience the change up close. But again, does this last? Will it really influence us to the extent that we might at least begin at the grass root level (makes us believe that change can begin with us)? So many movies were screened and had an entire lifecycle of its own, did anything change? Or is it just a time being feeling of joy and inspiration that the movies are made for?
Although whilst Lokmanya movie and till right now, I have this happy realization and I feel lucky to be born in the Independent India, which is nothing less than what it is to be born with a silver spoon. I feel, we lack and have forgotten all of that over night. It’s only when this temporary business ends, the actual story will begin. Our story! A story of Change!
Not everything we do, should impact an accountable number of people around us. But certain things are meant to address the entire population. Like the PM’s swatcchata Abhiyaan, if we practice the usage of Garbage bin at every single place and propagate it influentially to every single person who matters then eventually, I am sure, we would witness better results.

The change I made – we always practiced a complete meal, be it at office or home or somewhere else. Now, what’s the definition of a complete meal as per me? A serving you would finish without any remains in the plate. Is that so difficult to follow? So, there were a few friends of mine, who used to end up wasting food, either they serve themselves more than what they could have or because of the taste of the food. Which eventually led to a huge wastage of food? It took few days before they landed up accepting piece of my mind. Few people reasoned and justified themselves saying, the wastage goes on to help produce electricity. But, do we really know how and where exactly it is disposed? Well! No! Either stay back and find out where the wastage goes till it attains a stage that it does not exists, or simply make sure, u serve food only enough to end up with a clean plate. I am glad I made some difference there.
Small or big does not really matter as long as it’s a change, and you experience it.
Although it’s no way related to the movie, this is my way of getting influenced. Maybe!

It’s been a long time that I feel I can make a change and be a change, and I believe everyone can, if one really wants to.

There are a few dialogs, which strike you straight in your face. It’s these aspects of the movie which has given it a completely different standard of influence. And that’s exactly where I corrected myself – it’s not just another movie. There is this last scene where Chinmay talks about generating awareness amongst the youth of India. While he also claims the threat of failure assuming, every person he approaches might land up asking him, “Man, are you outta your mind? Is desh mei kya rakha hai?”
This helps you relate the incidences of the past and the things that take place today. Maybe that is why the film hits like a bulls eye.
But it’s sad that most of us have stopped caring completely.

I know I am diverting a bit. But, I cannot resist myself from defining the pattern I observed.

There are two kinds of people in here. One who feel, ek hi zindagi hai yaar, jashn manao, khudka socho aur maje karo! These people have a different definition of fun, joh-hai-abhi-hai sorts, live wherever you want live however you want and make the best of what you have! Grab every opportunity! These are the most fun loving and focused people around here.

Then there is the second type, who spend their lives fighting for the country, these are the people who still hold the country together, either by profession or by self realization and self motivation. They struggle for people, for happiness of the people.
But more interestingly, I would want to define a third type. Like we say, not always is there a black or white, but shades of grey. This third type, if influenced right, can take everything to an uncommon level. They know exactly, when to be the first type and when to be the second. Had the world been full of this third type of people, it would have been such a wonderful place!

3 thoughts on “Lok-Manya?

  1. Problem is we have first type people more all over the world ,reason they get things easily , their parents pampered them ,educate them , they got good jobs , so they believe life is fun , true fact is if all sweepers go on strike for a week all these first type will die of stink , but will not be able to clean their surrounding as they are not use to all this ,I urge every single patent to make their kids realize importance of hard work , value of ethics and freedom ,its not free ,its not about drinking , and dancing


  2. Thanks Ajay! I agree about the sweepers point you made completely. But about kids being pampered, I guess after a particular age kids are responsible for their own self completely and sane enough to know the black and the white. Parents cant be held responsible 🙂


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