Its all about Buses!

Short time joblessness and idleness many times may lead to an interesting and weird liking, something like- bus watching, yes you read it right “bus-watching” !

We generally refrain ourselves from using proverbs, tag lines and famous stereotypical quotes, especially when we wish they weren’t true. But no matter what, they are, and often. ‘Bus transport in the country of India reaches the remotest place earlier than electricity’. We all know it. Leaving aside the road conditions and suspension systems that completely out-work themselves, bus drivers do a great deal.


Buses, in the state of Maharashtra – Terrible. Though many new versions of this government transport are being launched now-a-days, we still haven’t ramp-up on the quality front I must say.

A belief is a belief, and it itself doesn’t want to change for the better. So, let’s simply begin with the presumption that I hate buses and travelling by them. Not to mention the exhaustive overloading. After a few days, Fevicol would probably see their commercial change into a reality.

Fortunate or unfortunate enough, we have the same mode of transport for the people working in private and non-private firms. Here we go. Travelling by bus is unavoidable. It’s almost been more than a year now that I observe the variants of buses with an undaunted interest, including the colour, cleanliness, suspensions, the noise, the windows jamming and the seats. Thanks to transport officials and a few rotten mangoes amongst us who regularly fail to fulfil, even the basic necessity of a clean bus, if not noise free. Again, all this cribbing just supports the presumption we all just made. And this would probably be the best time to reveal, what I actually want to share.


It’s about the subsequent rise of fascination for buses and its management. May it be in the IT Park or the inter-state travel buses. Now you might be terribly confused, as to which class of feelings I associate myself with buses. And why Buses!! Why in the world would anyone talk of buses?!Ha ha.

The answer is very simple. Because travelling to Hinjewadi to and fro, with minor motion sickness, leaves you with no option but to look out of the window to experience the cool breeze, along with which you have the show of buses, for free. Absolutely free!


Scene one: So my mornings begin this way.

Yeah, the monotony continues. I walk up to my bus stop and wait. I see the bus one signal down and keep looking at it till it halts at mine. Similarly on my way up, different people get in everyday with different set of interjections. C’mon guys, its fun!! Noticing people waiting for their respective buses and the way they hasten, once they see it. Sometimes it’s also fun to watch the buses overtaking each other, especially when you are in one of those where the drivers want to challenge the existence of atmosphere between the two vehicles.

Every day while walking up to the stop, one typical scene; this one bus is heading towards the office, already ahead of ours. And at the stop after mine, we go pass it. A very non-enthusiastic, low-on-energy race is won by my bus driver, every single day. People see, observe, but no one just talks about it. Sometimes, such observations just make you laugh at yourself, none the less it lightens your mood. More than half of the people reading this right now would definitely recollect a similar incidence. Caught you!

Many times, the monotony of the process is lost, which is good by the way. The people and their idiosyncrasies, that often turn out to be an entire package of entertainment, just enough dose for the morning. Many of them get in with a rigid face, but these days the rush of young public has also helped change the drowsy bus journey into a jolly one.


Point being, it’s not like it is something to be excited about, it’s sheer entertainment and happiness. Try sighting buses taking a turn at a huge circle sometimes. Zuupp…and off the periphery.

Happily ignoring the condition of transport in our city, right now; I choose to accept that I simply love watching the flow of buses serving different companies, and the people who get in and get out.


Scene two: This is the usual scene in the evening.

The security gates at the IT Park are flooded with people and the guards are always at the peak of their excitement to mark which bus came down and which bus took off. We often are the victims of this chaotic scene, especially when the security guard blows a whistle standing right next to you, assuming you are deaf.

Earlier there used to be a plain ground from where the buses departed together for a few companies. The transport guy whistled and then all the buses went out of the small gate one by one. Such chain of buses bustling out was what got me into watching them and loving to watch them. Loved the straight line and discipline the buses for once followed.

And then came the best part. The traffic jams. Ask someone, why not to leave for home at 6 in the evening. The only answer to your face – the buses create a lot of pandemonium and you would always reach home after your normal bus timing. Well, they seem to me as poor things, which wait in line on one side of the road, helpless in front of the traffic. But no, for most of the commuters it’s the buses that are responsible for the delay, as if they are humans there, with hoardings “RASTA ROKO” sorts.


Let’s go Virtual..

So, apart from this IT park specification, these buses can be observed for a lot of different things, starting with the colour. Where majority of them are white, many use colours for drawing stripes on them, while few of them have entirely a different colour. Some whites have different class of the colour and unique genres. Some are posh white with clean windows, while some are just dusty and ugly.


Why in the world am I talking of buses? I am simultaneously questioning myself. I’m not keen on travelling by them like I mentioned earlier, but yeah, I would definitely love to work virtually of course, as a top official of a company, and a BIG ONE. A bus-lending company. In which I would have all these colourful buses, and different code for buses segregated on the basis of work, which would further be grouped into the class of people they are working for. Class defined by the number of people travelling and where they belong, and of course the amount of investment the customers would be doing. This firm would also let me keep the track of buses that go out and come back on each day, similar to what the security guards did. On a scale  wider and diverse. Like a business.

Look what I got myself into thinking! From very dull everyday bus journey to an observation which can now be treated as a hobby, people would laugh at, but if you observe it, you too might soon find yourself being a victim of it. You may want to be a part of the company☺.

Social Face…

My self-entertainment continues. In spite of the time constraint, the variation keeps coming, every day, every time☺. So as I progress in my observations with days, I dream of having a better standard and quality of this particular mode of transport. What is that, that keeps them from being better by standard, even when money isn’t an issue? It would definitely be more fun to observe clean and neat buses.

Needless to say, let’s all make it a point to use public transport where ever it’s possible. After all, even our few journeys make a vital contribution to the money they make, which eventually, we can pray, might help provide ourselves with better facilities. None the less, it definitely makes us more eco-friendly. Travelling by bus also gets you to acclimatise to the environment, where you get to see all creeds of people and their way of life. Even a few minutes of observation can get you to understand a lot about them.

Besides, I think we are solely responsible for the condition of buses around here. “They need to keep the buses clean”. Let’s change the use of word “they” to “we”. Let’s be the change!”


One thought on “Its all about Buses!

  1. If you want things around you to change then be that change. Message nicely conveyed through events we come across every single day. I’m surely inspired to take a bus back home today. Kudos👍

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